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 Supernote A6X

Say hello to your digital notebook.

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Enjoy digital note-taking. Like never before.

 Writing on Supernote is akin to writing using a gel pen thanks to its gorgeous electronic-ink display, and Supernote's FeelWrite technology.

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Take notes.





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Pen down your

 Quickly create mind maps, write notes and sketch your ideas wherever you are. 

Organise your thoughts.

 Organise your notes, documents and annotations using keywords and highlights. Everything important to you is just one keyword search away.

Stay focused. Stay productive.

 Experience distraction free reading and note-taking. No notifications. No pop-ups. No noise.

Read and write for hours. Comfortably.

Read for hours on this gorgeous EINK display without suffering from headaches or eye strain. It looks and feels just like paper.

Breakthrough digital writing technology.

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Never wears out. Never needs replacing.


Everlasting pen nib with constant exquisite handwriting feel.


Extremely precise ceramic nib. Produces accurate and smooth strokes.


4096 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Super Productive.

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plan your day and manage your tasks

Manage your todo list, daily planner and reflection journal on Supernote.

draw mindmaps and sketch your ideas

Visualise your ideas and thoughts by creating mindmaps and sketches.

take notes quickly and effectively

Quickly jot down important points during meetings. Or do a bit of doodling if it's a pointless meeting!

find inspiration wherever you are

Take notes wherever you are on Supernote.

Writing Experience

Credits to MyDeepGuide on YouTube

Credits to MyDeepGuide on YouTube

Get productive. Get Supernote.

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